Home Bible Study

Our teachers can teach in the comfort of your home or we have several home groups around Battle Ground.

What is a Home Bible Study?

Many people are interested in knowing about all that the Bible holds, but do not know where to begin. It is ourĀ goal to help people gain a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures. We offer individualized, family, or group bible studies. This course will introduce you to the Bible, its themes, its message, main characters, and how to apply this wisdom to your life. Each lesson takes about 1 hour and can be completed in 12-14 weeks. Our teachers can teach in the comfort of your home or meeting rooms are available here.

How Can I Start a Home Bible Study?

You don't have to wait much longer! Just fill out the form and we'll get in contact with you shortly. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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What should you expect here?

We believe that the church is not about the drywall, the chairs, or the support beams, rather we believe the church is about people. It is our prayer that you will find friendly diversity of believers at the Battle Ground Pentecostals.

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